Upon completion of their order forms, Exhibitors should pay Currencies Direct 50% of the stand value, there after they will receive an invoice for 50% of the remaining value of their stand. The full amount will be due before 1st June 2010 latest, with specific due dates outlined in the invoice. Exhibitors whose payment hasn’t cleared before the show starts will not be able to exhibit.


Should the Exhibitor wish to withdraw from the Exhibition at any time this should be done by notifying the Company of its wish to withdraw in writing. In addition, the Company may by written notice to the Exhibitor accept non-payment by the Exhibitor by the due date for payment of any instalment of the Fee as notice of the Exhibitor’s withdrawal from the Exhibition. In the event of the Exhibitor’s withdrawal, a cancellation fee as shown below will become immediately payable by the Exhibitor to the Company.

The cancellation fee shall be calculated as follows:-

Date of Withdrawal Percentage of the Fee Payable
Before 1st Feb 2010 From 1st March 2010
25% of stand cost 100% of stand cost

Less in each case any part of the Fee already paid by the Exhibitor to the Company.

In the event of withdrawal the Company may resell or reallocate the Stand allocated to the Exhibitor. Even if it does so, the Company will be under no obligation to reimburse or reduce any payment made or to be made by the Exhibitor under the rules of cancellation. For the purpose of this Condition, withdrawal will be deemed to take place on the date upon which notice of withdrawal is received by the Company or given by the Company in the case of non payment by the Exhibitor of any instalment of the Fee.


All stands will be constructed by the official Stand contractor to the exhibition. The Organisers may make changes in the layout of the Exhibition between the time when the booking is entered into and the Exhibition is held for any reason, including, for example, the need to accommodate additional features in the Exhibition or to comply with any requirements of the Authorities and/or the owner of the Venue.

DAMAGEIf any damage or injury shall be caused or occasioned by the Standholder or his representatives on any person or to the venue or its contents or any other thing whether of like nature or not for which the Organisers would be liable however such damage or injury may be caused, the Standholder shall indemnify the Organisers and their contractors against any liability, loss or damage caused by the acts of negligence of any person employed by him or under his direction. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any application for space or prohibit any exhibit without assigning any reason for such refusal or prohibition.

IF THE BUILDINGS for the Exhibition are not available, through any circumstances; the Organisers may secure alternative buildings. If the allotted space cannot be provided the Organisers reserve the right to substitute whether similar or not, another area to meet the Standholder’s requirements. In the event of the cancellation or postponement of the Exhibition through the Halls being unavailable through strikes, lockouts, war, act of God, force majeure, damage by fire or water or any other cause whatsoever (other than the default of the Standholders) the Standholders shall be entitled to the return of his rental, but shall not be entitled to receive from the Organiser any monies in respect of any expenses entailed in the preparation or installation of this Stand, nor liquidated damages nor any other payment whatsoever.

IF THE HALL becomes unavailable through any of the above causes during the run of the Exhibition, no return of any other monies paid or due by the Standholders to the Organisers, under the booking, shall be repayable.

EXHIBITOR’S STAFF shall not annoy anyone by solicitations and any Standholder or assistant breaking these rules may be expelled by the Organisers from the buildings and not allowed to re-enter without the written permission from the Organisers. The Organisers may without giving any reason for so doing, refuse admission or remove any person or persons they consider to be acting improperly or annoying the public and may prevent such person or persons against entering the building.

NO STANDHOLDER shall do anything to jeopardise the current insurance or licences and every Standholder shall in all cases comply with all requirements of any fire insurance officers, the local or other authority.


The agreement does not constitute a tenancy, but a licence to exhibit, notwithstanding anything which may appear herein to the contrary. If any question or dispute arises not provided for in these Rules and Regulations, the Organisers reserve unto themselves the right to settle such question or dispute and their decision shall be accepted by the Standholders as binding and final.

THE ORGANISERS reserve the right to cancel a stand booking at their discretion and without giving any reasons, but any stand rent already paid will then be refunded in full.

THE STANDHOLDERS must keep their exhibits staffed (unless orgnaised direct with the organiser) and stands in good order and well displayed, during the hours the Exhibition is open. Under no circumstances must displays be removed prior to the closing time of the Exhibition.


Exhibits must not be removed and displays must not be dismantled either partially or totally, before the closing time on the day of the exhibition. All exhibits and display material must be removed as soon as possible after official closing.

CONTRACTORS other than those authorised will not be allowed to enter the building without written consent of the Organisers.

STANDHOLDERS’ EXHIBITS and advertisements must be strictly confined to the space allotted. Any exhibit found in the gangways or passages after opening time on any day will be removed by the Organisers at the risk of the Standholder. Standholders and attendants are NOT permitted to use the gangways for solicitations. All business must be conducted from inside the limits of the space booked by the Standholder, and noisy amplifiers will not be permitted on the Exhibition Stands. The Exhibitor may not bring into the Exhibition (and shall not permit any other person to bring into the Exhibition) any explosives, detonating or fulminating compounds. Primings, fireworks, matches and similar objects can only be exhibited in the form of imitations and on condition that they contain no inflammable matter. Only goods described at the time of application may be displayed on stands and, on request by the Organiser, the Exhibitor shall remove from the Exhibition any goods not approved by the Organiser.


The Company may at any time cancel, postpone or move the Exhibition to another Venue if the Company thinks fit. The Company will notify the Exhibitor as soon as possible if the Exhibition is cancelled or postponed or moved to another venue. If the Exhibition is cancelled, the Company will repay to the Exhibitor (without interest) any instalments of the Fee paid by the Exhibitor to the Company and the Booking will be cancelled. If the Exhibition is postponed or moved to another venue, the Booking will remain in force for the new dates and Venue provided that the new dates and/or Venue are in the reasonable opinion of the Company appropriate for the Exhibition. Except as expressly provided in this Condition, the Company shall have no liability in booking or in tort or otherwise to the Exhibitor arising out of or in respect of any cancellation or postponement of the Exhibition or of it being moved to a new Venue howsoever arising.


The Exhibitor agrees to obey any reasonable instructions given to him by or on behalf of the Company in connection with the Exhibition.

In particular, the Exhibitor agrees to comply with the Exhibition Regulations. The Exhibition Regulations will cover such topics as:

  • Stand design and presentation
  • Erection and clearance of Stands
  • Restrictions on permitted activities during the Exhibition
  • Arrangements for celebrity appearances
  • Exclusions of dangerous materials and fire precautions
  • Compulsory Employers’, Public Liability and Cancellation Insurance
  • Trading Standards and Counterfeit Goods
  • Electrical installation
  • Admissions and passes
  • Sound and radio equipment
  • Storage of stock
  • Stand opening times


The Exhibitor shall take out and maintain insurance with an insurance company and with a level and extent of cover approved by the Company (including, without limitation, normal product and public liability and employee liability insurance) and shall on demand produce to the Company a copy of the policy and evidence that it is in force and the insurers are not entitled to exercise subrogation rights against the Company.


The Company reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or persons to the Exhibition without giving any reason and to expel any person whose conduct or presence in the opinion of the Company renders such action desirable.


The Exhibitor is required to place all rubbish from his stand accessible for the cleaners each evening.


The Company may disclose data and information relating to the Exhibitor (including, without limitation, data relating to its representatives, employees, agents, officers or contractors) (“Data”) to any member of the Company’s group. The Company may also disclose the Data to any purchaser or proposed purchaser of any company in the Company’s group, or any business or part of a business operated by any company in the Company’s group. The Company may also disclose Data to third parties (including, without limitation, the Authorities) if it is under (or reasonably believes it is under) a duty to disclose or share Data in order to (1) comply with any legal obligation, or (2) enforce or apply the Booking or any other agreements relating to the Exhibition, or (3) protect the rights, property, or safety of the Company, its customers, or others. This includes exchanging Data with other companies and organisations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction and in connection with the show guide referred to above.