What is Le Tour de Finance?

Interested in finding out how to make the most of your money as an Expat?

Do you have questions about Pensions, QROPS, Estate Planning, Tax, Currency Exchange or Health Care?

Why not attend a local event, bring some friends and make it a great day out

Le Tour de Finance is the financial forum for expats which will help you with a range of different financial products and services. Just as Le Tour de France takes a route throughout the regions of France, so too does Le Tour de Finance, but we also visit Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium. We want to reach expats where you live so that you can seek advice particular to your local area. Tax advice, pensions/QROPS, mortgages, healthcare, schools, succession planning, business advice and making the most of your assets are just some of the subjects that expats need to know more about.

Le Tour de Finance is the ideal opportunity to find answers to the most pressing questions facing people living in France, Spain or Italy.

The forum will bring together key players who assist expats settling or already living in these countries. It will also be an ideal opportunity to socialise by enjoying a free Buffet lunch and meeting people in similar circumstances in your neighbourhood.


Many thanks indeed for yesterday’s event. Very interesting presentation information and pleasant and fruitful networking. Also many thanks for your generous hospitality. Please pass on my thanks to Ici Londres and Echo and the other benefactors and “intervenants”.
One question if I may: I did not catch the name and company of the 1st speaker, Vincent, on tax. Could you please pass it on to me?
Thank you very much again and best regards.


Dear Connexion HQ
Many thanks for inviting us to attend the Tour de Finance on Tuesday, like everything else you are associated with it was a huge success!
We really do appreciate your monthly paper, your invaluable help guides and sponsored events such as the Tour de Finance – it all improves our lives in France enormously. Long may it all continue and thanks again!

Chris and Jill Gibbard,

Although I have lived in France for 17 years, and have been a partner in a local Estate Agency for the last 13 of those, I attended the Tour de Finances for the first time in 2015. I found all of the topics interesting, and the speakers very clear and concise with their information, which really did seem to cover the needs of the variety of people attending. I would certainly recommend (and have!) the seminars to my clients wishing to buy and settle in France.


An impressive setting made for a relaxing and informative day at the TDF in Dinard. We were extremely grateful to have been included by Currencies Direct and privileged to be able to invite our clients to come along too. A really professional and friendly team -thanks to you all for making us so welcome.

Anita Rankin,

Thank you for a most enjoyable morning at the Tour de Finance. The presentations were all very interesting and I have taken the liberty of forwarding my CV to Sue Cook at CurrenciesDirect, in case it is of interest to her.

Christine Clegg,

Ah thank you for that kind feedback. I personally was very impressed with the fact that you are able to get these people to fly out and talk to the expat public in this way. It was a real eye opener that you cannot leave things to chance…..

Micala, Client

I am writing to thank you for inviting us to the recent Tour de Finance at La Perierre. We always learn something at your meetings and this time was no exception. I should also mention the excellent lunch which everyone agreed was wonderful. So thank you once again.

Priscilla and Peter,

What a great event, thank you so much for inviting us! We found it very informative and helpful, and it was very nice to see you again. The speakers were great and added to my feeling of being ‘in safe hands’ with you, that we should be so lucky! The whole event was absolutely delightful and what a generous spread and great atmosphere. Unexpectedly we met an old work colleague of mine who has moved to the area who we hope to see again v soon, and of course we shall share our very positive experiences with him as I believe they will be seeking financial advice.


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