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During the spring and early summer months, the Tour de Finance team traveled to three locations in France and one new venue in the south of Spain. The events were very well attended driven by attendees wanting to know how BREXIT could influence investments, pensions and health care. As normal, the events brought together a number of independent senior representatives from global businesses such as Prudential International, Tilney Investment Management Services, Momentum Pensions, Old Mutual, Rathbone Brothers Plc, Currencies Direct and The Spectrum IFA Group.

Bringing international experts direct from London and other European capitals straight to areas in France, Spain and Italy for these specific expatriate events remains at the core of Le Tour de Finance’s brief.

We look forward to arranging an event near you during the autumn months of 2019. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to find out about possible future events.

Le Tour de Finance Autumn 2018

Event Schedule


10th October Château Val Joanis Pertuis, 84120 Register here
11th October Château de Villerambert Caunes Minervois, 11160 Register here
20th November Hôtel Mercure, Limoges, 87007 Register here
21st November Domaine du Seudre – 17240 Register here

The latest Le Tour De Finance seminars in France visited Saint Nexans and Nieuil, and the  first major event in Spain in the area of Marbella. As usual the French events were well attended, but as a sign of the need for such events in new areas over 70 people attended the event in Marbella, Spain.

Attendees, who were a mixture of existing clients of The Spectrum IFA Group and those wanting to hear more about the services and financial solutions presented, had travelled both locally and from other regions in France and Spain.

Presentations were given by representatives from Prudential International, Tilney Investment Management Services, Currencies Direct and The Spectrum IFA Group. Topics discussed included the suitability of transferring UK pensions to overseas schemes ( such as QROPS), the investment market outlook and the current sterling to euro exchange rate and solutions available to help mitigate exchange rate volatility.

Unsurprisingly, Brexit featured widely in the informative question and answer session that followed. Although many answers are yet to be determined, attendees were left reassured that The Spectrum IFA Group and its partners were well informed on both the technical detail of Brexit and the practical implications for anyone living or working in France or Spain.

Portability of financial products, such Assurance Vie, for an expatriate returning to the UK, was another area of interest in the question and answer session and guests were provided with example scenarios regarding the flexibility that such products offer.

The key message that came out of this event was the importance and benefit, even for the financially experienced, of seeking professional, independent advice. The audience was reminded, in these uncertain times, that it is critical to ensure that all aspects of our personal finances are properly structured, for both legitimacy within the French fiscal system and for maximum tax efficiency ahead of any potential changes in the months and years ahead.

Questions and discussions continued during an informal and complimentary lunch, during which guests and speakers alike found no shortage of topical subjects for conversation.

Feedback from the event has been very positive. One guest commented “”I enjoyed the day and found it helpful and thought provoking. I also liked the format and thought it much better than the usual sales pitch that one often encounters with perhaps some other organisations. The interactive exchanges added real value.”

We are planning to hold further seminars throughout the autumn months and into next year and will provide details on this Le Tour de Finance website in the new year.

The Spectrum IFA Group Tax Guide 2019


Château Val Joanis Pertuis
Château Val Joanis Pertuis